Friday, September 13, 2013

Bath and Body Works

All Items are New.  Imported.

Kindly visit our website at Ardini's Treasure if you wish to buy the following items.

Item:  Travel Size Fine Fragrance Mist, 88 mL
Scent:  Forever Red
Top Notes:  Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple 
Mid Notes:  Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus
Dry Notes:  Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood
Price:  RM59.00

Item:  Fresh Picked Strawberries Hand Cream - Anti-Bacterial, 59 mL
*  An exclusive blend of moisturizing Shea Butter & Vitamin E leave hands feeling soft, smooth & nourished.
*  Lightly scented with fresh picked strawberries
Price:  RM37.00

Item:  Fresh Picked Apples Hand Cream - Anti-Bacterial. 59 mL
* An exclusive blend of moisturing Shea Butter & Vitamin E leave hands feeling soft, smooth & nourised.
*  Light scented by fresh picked apples
Price:  RM37.00


  1. Hi I was just wondering if you have more of Bath & Body Works lotions and shower gels in other scents. And perhaps candles? I've been searching high and low for BBW products in Malaysia, online & in stores. They're bloody expensive! LOL. Yours are the most affordable by far. Thanks!

    1. hi neena,
      thank you for your interest in Ardini's Treasure. at the moment, we only have those items as shown in the blog. should you need other products, you can email me at i will order for you since i'll have my stuff shipped to KL early Nov. thanks.

    2. Whoa! Thanks for your feedback. Does that mean I can basically choose any BBW products and have you mail them to me? Thank you so much! I'll email you soonest :)

    3. neena,
      i usually get my stuff shipped from US to KL approx. 3-4 times in year. it so happen that my next shipment will be early next month. so pls email me by 31/10/13. by the way, i don't take pre-order. tq.


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